Our Fees Payment System

We are happy to inform you that the School Management has opened up easier and more convenient ways to pay tuition fees and other levies charged by the school. You can now make hassle-free payments at our designated banks or process your payments in the comfort of your home, office or anywhere else using your laptop, PC or mobile device.


Payment Procedures (Option-A: PayDirect-Bank Branch)

  1. Parent/Guardian/Student requests for a unique and re-usable Student-ID from the school at the Bursary Department.
  2. Parent/Guardian/Student goes to any commercial bank of choice.
  3. Parent/Guardian/Student request for a deposit slip.
  4. Parent/Guardian/Student fills the above slip as follows:
  • Account name: Ufua Memorial School PayDirect Collections
  • Account number: Nil
  • Payee : Name of Student
  • Amount Payable: Fill in Words and Figures in the space provided on the slip
  • Customer-ID: Indicate boldly at the top of the slip, the “Student-ID” of the Payee.
  • Class & Term: Indicate boldly at the bottom of the slip, the Class of the payee and the Term Paying for.
  1. Submit the filled slip to the Bank Teller for payment posting on PayDirect Platform and wait for few minutes to collect your e-receipt.

NB _

Please note that your transaction is incomplete without your e-receipt so ensure you collect it before leaving the banking hall.

Designated Banks are:
Zenith bank, Union bank, UBA, Access bank, First bank, Fidelity bank, Unity bank, Eco bank, Heritage bank, Keystone bank, Sterling bank, FCMB, Wema Bank, GTB

2022/2023 SCHOOL FEES

1 KG1-3 (Old Pupils) N15,500
2 BASIC1-6 (Boarders_Old Pupils) N97,500
3 BASIC1-6 (DAY_Old Pupils) N97,500
4 JSS1-SS3 (Boarders_Old Students) N108,500
5 JSS1-SS3 (DAY_Old Students) N34,500
6 KG1-3 (New Pupils) N65,900
7 BASIC1-6 (Boarders_New Pupils) N172,900
8 BASIC1-6 (DAY_New Pupils) N86,900
9 JSS1-JSS3 (Boarders_New Students) N198,900
10 JSS1-JSS3 (DAY_ New Students) N119,900
11 SS1-SS3 (Boarders_ New Students) N200,900
12 SS1-SS3 (DAY_ New Students) N121,900
Your request for 2022/2023 Bill Summary Table is unavailable at the moment!
Your request for 2022/2023 Bill Summary Table is unavailable at the moment!