Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ibhaze

“Education for Excellence” in Character and Learning is the motto of Ufua Memorial Catholic Education Centre, Uromi. It is to
the Glory of God Almighty that we have remained faithful to our mission and vision in our nearly three decades of existence.
These words are prominently written on our landmark frontage, proclaiming to the people outside and those within our
campus grounds that we see the pursuit of academic excellence, intellectual development, good morals and human growth in
all areas not as ends in themselves, but as directed towards a very particular goal. The inspiration of our Educational
Philosophy and Vision is drawn from the life and example of Jesus Christ Himself, who came to serve and not to be served. It is
also motivated by the very nature of education itself, that is, the life long process of making a child fit for the society and
capable of higher learning. Therefore, the seed of excellence in Character and Learning as well as consistency in being relevant
to the society is best sown at tender age and further consolidated at the Secondary level.
Being a coeducational school that offers quality education at the Pre-nursery, Nursery, Primary and Secondary levels, gives
Ufua Memorial Catholic Education Centre, Uromi the capacity, not just to lay a good foundation for excellence in the child but
also to solidify that foundation before he or she leaps into the larger society.
To this end, every aspect of our academic program and school schedule has been designed not just to develop the qualities of
people who are capable of and committed to excellence in life but to awaken in others, the desire to positively excel in life. At
Ufua Memorial Catholic Education Centre, Uromi, students learn the importance of self-discipline, hard work, good morals,
sacrifice, perseverance and excellence.
Our program of studies is very rigorous and more so for our Boarding students who learn the importance of using their time
well in addition to balancing the many other responsibilities of living in a boarding school environment. Our boarding students
learn what it means to be part of a community and how the well-being of the community depends on the cooperation of all its
constituent members. We emphasize the importance and necessity of always being prepared, always being the best and doing
one’s best in all things. We encourage our students and pupils to be generous, compassionate, considerate and helpful to the
other and provide them with opportunities to cultivate and / or develop useful personal entrepreneurial skills while in school,
ranging from barbing, cobbling, tailoring, baking, cooking, animal husbandry and so on. By opting to create and implement
Cashless Policy for students, we teach our students the value of financial prudence and personal discipline through our online
pocket money system. Besides, we have strategically adopted some specific co-curricular activities which are spread across
the entire academic year to help achieve our vision for each child.
We are proud of our state of the art facilities, serene environment and faculty which are among the best to be found in the
country and help us to achieve our set goal. We are also proud of our long standing history of well trained, qualified and
dedicated teachers we have. Most importantly, we are always proud of the numerous successful professionals in our country
today, who proudly trace their humble but solid beginnings to the four walls of Ufua Memorial Catholic Education Centre,
Uromi. We are also proud of our students and the way they respond to the challenges of our high standards for excellence and
good morals in all they do.
We strongly believe that we are preparing a new breed of Nigerian citizens, a new breed of young men and women who will be
able to make a positive difference in our world, people who will reach out to those less fortunate and bring them God’s love
and compassion.
Since education is the best legacy a parent can give his child, you have certainly chosen the best place to hand the best legacy
to your child. At the end of your child’s journey with us, you will be proud to have entrusted him or her to our care.